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What Differentiates Shinozaki & Shinji
 What distinguishes our firm from many others is the provision of personalized and friendly legal services with meticulous attention to detail. We aim to provide speedy and bold solutions to clients’ legal issues based on good client relations and a comprehensive knowledge of general practice, in particular our expertise in the areas below.
Major Areas of Practice (Cases Accepted and Handled)
1. Corporate Legal Services
Response to Anti-Social Groups or Elements
 Disassociation from anti-social groups or elements.
 Response to and recovery of damages resulting from unjustified demands.
 Creation of corporate regulations regarding the elimination of criminal syndicate associations
Establishment of Compliance Regulations
 Creation of corporate internal control systems.
Corporate Governance
 Establishment of regulations and directives for the convening and holding of general meetings of shareholders, board of directors, etc.
Debt Recovery
 Enforcement or prevention of claims against secured property.
 General debt collection
Procedures concerning Corporate or Civil Rehabilitation, Bankruptcy, Liquidation or Similar
Real Estate Trading
 Sales and purchase
Urban Redevelopment
 Dispute resolution concerning planning, architectural and building certifications, development approvals, etc.
Dispute Resolution concerning Financial Instrument, Bond, Securities and Insurance Transactions
Dispute Resolution concerning Acquisition of Permissions for Establishment of Educational Facilities
Dispute Resolution concerning Intellectual Property Rights
Drawing up of Contracts
Other General Corporate Legal Services
2. Civil Law Issues
Land and Building Leases
Senior Citizens Assistance
 Will creation, appointment of executor, appointment of guardian, estate management.
Inheritance and Succession
 Advice on will creation.
 Will execution.
 Dispute resolution concerning estate division.
 Taxation matters.
 Property settlement.
 Custodial rights.
 Child support.
Adult Guardianship
Bankruptcy Applications, etc.
Traffic Accidents
Criminal Defense
Creation of various contract sides
All other civil law related services
3. Pro Bono Work
Advising and providing on-the-job training to law school students and articled clerks.
Lectures, etc.
Participation in the bar association.

Clients with an Advisory Contract
Incorporated companies:
Proprietary limited companies:
Incorporated public associations
or foundations: 
General incorporated associations:  
General incorporated foundations:  
Shinkin bank:  
Agricultural cooperatives:
Health insurance society:
Business cooperatives:   
Social welfare corporations: 
Medical facilities, hospitals, etc.:
Educational corporations, etc.:   
Other customer:

Listed Companies and their Subsidiaries: 61

Serviced Clients
Advertising agencies
Securities exchange
Security and protection services
Architectural design offices
Educational corporations (universities, etc.)
Credit card company
Financial institutions including nationwide and local banks and credit unions
Hospitals and clinics (and the Dental Association)
Hotel chains
Leasing companies
Manufacturers (automotive components, diodes, electronic components, etc.)
Non-life insurance companies
Real estate companies (purchase and sale, agency, property management)
Retailers (supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, drug stores, etc.)
Securities firms
Agricultural cooperatives
Sole proprietors
Trading companies
Wholesalers (coffee, liquor, food delicacies, etc.)
Other clients 

 Our firm recognizes that one of the biggest initial concerns when contacting a law firm is that of legal fees. We at Shinozaki & Shinji Law Firm provide a quotation in advance, based upon the remuneration standards set forth under the Tokyo Bar Association Former Remuneration Standards, and a complete explanation of the fees to be charged.
Upon receipt of a formal request from a client to provide legal services, we enter into a written agreement with the client that clearly states the legal fees to be charged. 
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